Patrick Glenny

With over 20 years of experience, owner Patrick Glenny has become internationally known for his exquisite Moroccan tile installations. In fact, he has received recommendations from the owner of Ait Manos, the tile manufacturing company in Morocco, as the installer to call upon for major projects.  A rare area of specialty in the tile world, it takes a keen artistic eye and highly skilled hands to properly install this handmade tile. As a former jeweler, Patrick certainly possesses these skills. He approaches difficult installations with a calm demeanor, methodic work ethic and he takes pride in integrity of his work. If you want a project done right, from start to finish, Patrick is the man to call.

Although he is an expert at installations, Patrick also has a discerning eye for design and happily helps clients through the design process as requested. His work has been featured in Vogue magazine and several local Palm Beach publications.  The book POOLS: REFLECTIONS by Kelly Klein features two of Patrick’s Moroccan tiled swimming pools.

Erica Godin

Co-owner Erica Godin specializes in the ancient art of pebble mosaic.  A chance encounter with a skilled mosaicist was all it took for her to become hooked.  After completing two major installations together, it was clear that Erica’s skills were natural and that this is what she was meant to do.  Pebble mosaic demands patience as it can take months to complete a piece. Sorting through mounds of pebbles to find the perfect shape and hand setting each one individually might sound crazy to most people, but it is a very satisfying process to hear her tell it. The oldest style of known mosaic art, pebble mosaic can trace it’s origins to the Ancient Greeks in the 3rd Century BC.  A pebble mosaic can be walked upon, driven upon and will last for many lifetimes when properly installed.

In addition to taking on pebble mosaic projects, Erica studied at the Sheffield School of Interior Design and works with Patrick on the design side of the business.  Beautiful projects in bathroom redesign, garden fountain design and more can be found in the Portfolio section.


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